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Pastor Youcef still needs our prayers plus an UPDATE — as of today, Pastor Youcef is still thought to be alive in Iran even though he has been sentenced to death for converting from Islam to Christianity.

We know that God ultimately holds Pastor Youcef’s future in His hands, so we trust that whatever happens, God will be glorified and the gospel will go forward. But we still must pray for his deliverance and ask the LORD to have him spared from the radicals of Islam.

Here is the latest video on the case:

Not Afraid to Tell Her Story — Here is a post about Athena Dean who was involved in a terrible cult of mind control for the past 12 years. While in it, she lost her husband, family, home, business and car all because she fell under the Satanic control of cult-leader Tim Williams. Her business was running Wine Press, which was a successful small business until Williams and company showed up on the scene. Like many cults, Williams has left a long trail of broken Christians in his path.

Remember, we are to follow Christ, not men, especially when they twist Scripture to support their arguments. Whenever someone says that you should do something because God said so, and they point to the Bible to support their case, realize that this isn’t how Christianity operates. Athena also has a piece of the tactics of the cults.

Seven States File Lawuit over Obama Mandate — Good news. We see that seven states which include Texas, Florida, Michigan, Nebraska, Ohio, Oklahoma and South Carolina, are filing a lawsuit in district court to stop the Obama mandate that would require religious institutions to provide health care that would provide abortions and contraceptions that are against their religious beliefs. As we saw in my post yesterday, the so-called compromise, was not a compromise at all and the mandate as it was written is still the mandate that is being required by Health and Human Services, which is a violation of our rights guaranteed under the First Amendment. The mandate demands that those who believe it is fundamentally wrong to kill a child would still have to pay for services that kill children. With this issue and the issue of Arizona’s immigration law, it’s sad to see that Americans greatest opponent to freedom and liberty is our own president. Alas, but we tried to warn our friends and families who were so ga-ga over this man, yet they would not listen.

Obama Confident He Has Another Five Years — not if we have anything to say about it. King Obama declared to Univision that he has another five years to set his plans in place. There he is quoted as saying the following:

“Well, first of all … my presidency is not over,” Obama, who just a few months ago described himself as an underdog in the presidential race, said in a telephone interview.  “I’ve got another five years coming up. We’re going to get this done,” he said.

“I would have only broken my promise if I hadn’t tried,” he said. “But ultimately, I’m one man. You know, we live in a democracy. We don’t live in a monarchy. I’m not the king. I’m the president. And so, I can only implement those laws that are passed through Congress.”

Given that we know he lies and actually believe and does the opposite of what he says in public, he really does see himself as king. Just given that he made that statement is quite telling. He has actually thought about it, desired it, wished it, so he could do away with that pesky Constitution that keeps him from implementing all his socialistic programs. Thank God we do have the Constitution and we have people who are still standing up for it.
Runaway Slave Still Working for Release — The movie Runaway Slave is still working to be released on a wide scale. The movie was shown in Washington for its premiere to about 200 blacks, all of which gave the movie a standing ovation at it’s conclusion. The movie focuses on how Democrat policies have actually enslaved black people to the Liberal agenda. As on commentator on the movie said… “the Democrats want the government to become our god.” I think the political cartoon at the top of the posts illustrates the point. The more people who are dependent upon government, the more government controls our lives, the more power they have. That is socialism. Every country that has tried it has failed. You can see the failures in Obama’s policies already.
I saw this comment over at Neil’s blog by Roxeanne De Luca, about the hypocrisy of the left. It captures what the movie is trying to say, and the cartoon above:

Amazing smackdown, Neil. Why does the Left never discuss how their own failed policies cause the poverty they are trying to prevent? They make housing obscenely expensive via “free” money and mandates, then cry about how the “free market” caused the housing bubble. They make it nearly impossible to commit mentally ill homeless people, then can’t figure out why we can’t get people off the streets. They undermine the dignity of an honest day’s work, then can’t figure out why people refuse to get off welfare. Then, when they’ve gotten the government and their twisted interpretation of the Constitution to really make a muck of things, the “solution” is more government intervention. As the Queen of Swords and I were saying today, it’s like people who ignore you when you tell them to not eat ten deep-fried Twinkies a day, then, when they turn into whales, say that the only solution to their problem is to eat more deep-fried Twinkies, because eating boosts the metabolism.

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