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Santorum’s Phony Theology Remark Reveals His Own Phony Theology

I do hope that Rick Santorum gets the Republican nomination for president. However, I’m glad the presidents do not have to take theology tests, because… in his endeavor to truly question Obama’s theology, Santorum reveals his own weak theology. Santorum is right about O’s theology, it is phony and quite clearly non-Christian. But his is just not much better:

“I wasn’t suggesting the president’s not a Christian. I accept the fact that the president is a Christian,” Santorum said.

“I was talking about the radical environmentalist,” he said. “I was talking about energy, this idea that man is here to serve the Earth as opposed to husband its resources and be good stewards of the Earth. And I think that is a phony ideal.

“I don’t believe that that’s what we’re here to do. That man is here to use the resources and use them wisely, to care for the Earth, to be a steward of the Earth, but we’re not here to serve the Earth. The Earth is not the objective. Man is the objective. And I think a lot of radical environmentalists have it upside down,” Santorum said.

Rick, Rick, Rick… this is why whatever denomination you are in needs to return to the catechisms of the Westminster Confession of Faith. Had Rick been catechized as a child, he would not have missed the fundamental principle of man. The chief end of man is to glorify God and to enjoy Him forever, not man. Man is not the objective. God is the objective. Until Christians can get this straight in their theology, their theology is not Christian, but Christianized humanism. Sad.

The Truth of Christ’s Cross

For some Sunday morning meditation, the following is from J.C. Ryle:

Let us set fully before our eyes the doctrine of Christ dying in our place – His substituted death, and rest our souls on it. Let us hold on firmly to the mighty truth, that Christ on the cross:

Christ on the cross: Stood in the place of His people

Christ on the cross: Died for His people

Christ on the cross: Suffered for His people

Christ on the cross: Was counted a curse and sin for His people

Christ on the cross: Paid the debts of His People

Christ on the cross: Made restitution for His people

Christ on the cross: Became the guarantee of His people

Christ on the cross: Became the representative of His people

In this way Christ obtained His people’s freedom. Let us understand this clearly, and then we will see what a mighty privilege it is to be made free by Christ. This is freedom which, above all others is worth having.

~ J.C. Ryle

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