Daily Archives: February 3, 2012

Roundup That Matters

On Blogging — For the month of January, Timothy Matters hit all kinds of records for readership. I’m not sure why, but the post Mike Sherman Shows His True Character sent the stats through the roof. I had two days in a row that exceeded more than 2,000 hits because of this post. Whereas, my previous record day was something closer to 300 hits in a day, this post was going ballistic.

I don’t know where all the hits were coming from either. Because of this, January 2012 was my busiest month, with 10,584 hits. My busiest day was January 12th, with 2,610 hits. I doubt I will exceed that any time soon. In fact, because of those two days, the people at WordPress sent me information about posting advertisements on my blog. I knew this was an anomaly and passed on their offer.

The Sherman post now sits in the number 2 all time post on Timothy Matters with 6,243, just behind the Godfather, with 7,029 hits. I imagine Sherman will pass the Godfather sometime by the end of the summer.

Dave Brubeck with young Russian Violinist — I love this video of Brubeck in Moscow during the 1980s. He was playing for the Russians when a young, gutsy violinist jumped up and started playing with him. It caught Brubeck by surprise, but it didn’t stop him and the two went on to play together. It’s a joy to watch.

I hope you like jazz because it’s well worth watching it. I’ve watched it three times and listened to it twice more.

A Song from the Secret Garden — My wife likes the movie, if it is the one I’m thinking about, the one about a little girl that… ahem, discovers a secret garden. Anyway, saw this on Youtube and thought she would like it.

This is the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) winner Alexander Rybak playing “Song From A Secret Garden” originally done by Secret Garden.

I did enjoy it as well.

Marco Rubio Defends Conservatism — Senator Marco Rubio spoke at the Hispanic Leadership Conference and defended conservative principles and spoke to how we should deal with the illegal immigration problem. I believe he is right on. Also, please note that early on, he starts speaking in Spanish, but the shifts back to English after explaining how he saved a lot of money on his car insurance.

While it is long, it’s an inspiring speech. Also, shortly into his speech, several men stand up in protest and he handles it quite well. He wanted them to hear what he had to say, but they were too thick headed to listen.