Daily Archives: January 27, 2012

Roundup That Matters

Responding to a TYPICAL Pro-Gay Theology Argument — Neil has a good break down of the typical response by those who are pro-gay. The argument goes that the person doesn’t want to be judgmental, even though they are being judgmental, and that they have nice friends who are gay, and that they just want what is best for those people and that perhaps they are born that way and God loves them anyway.

My response is that I do believe that gay people are born that way. It’s called original sin. We are all born sinners. This doesn’t mean we get a pass for our particular sin, be they gay, straight, etc. We are all born condemned and under God’s wrath. This is why Paul stresses the fact that believers were under God’s wrath and children of wrath before we were saved. This being the case, the call for those who are gay to repent still stands. Yes, they may be born that way. But they still need to repent of the lifestyle, the feelings, the desires, the actual acts and embrace Christ as He is presented in the gospel.

God doesn’t love you for who you are. That is a theological fallacy. He hates the wicked. If He loved us for who we are, then Jesus would not have HAD to die on the cross for our sins. But the perfect Son of God HAD to die in order to redeem the wicked. We all need to repent no matter what our sins are.

Abortion in America is Still a Big Problem — Al Mohler has a good piece on about the prevalence of abortion in America. This truly is sad. Even with the introduction of ultra-sound equipment, showing us that a child is actually alive in the womb, the statistics still keep mounting. I think that this will continue until those of us on the right, somehow manage to start educating our children and the children of others about the truth of life. As long as the left controls education in our country, this problem will continue as it has.

President Light Weight — I love this story about the exchange between Governor Jan Brewer of Arizona and President Light Weight. It really gives us some insight to his fortitude when it comes to dealing with those that disagree with him. In case you don’t know, the two got into a heated exchange because Light Weight didn’t like what Gov. Brewer wrote about him in her book, Scorpions for Breakfast. According to reports, the president brought up the issue and when Brewer didn’t back down, but stood her ground, he couldn’t handle it and walked off. He didn’t even have the decency to let her finish her sentence.

This doesn’t surprise me. The man (and I use the term loosely) cannot stand up to anyone who disagrees with him. He has had such a cuddled life, that when controversy arises that he can’t handle, he runs. Of course, he will strike back as well. Little men are viscous, and he has already proven himself to be little. Remember that President Light Weight has his attorney general suing the State of Arizona over their immigration laws. Arizona passed laws to carry out the laws of the Federal Government, which is not enforcing the laws. In other words, Arizona is seeking to do what the Federal Government is supposed to do.

Here is what Guy Benson writes:

Barack Obama was condescending, hectoring, and patronizing toward an elected Repubican?  Gee.  In his defense, maybe he was just wee-wee’d up over the fact that Brewer waltzed to a double-digit re-election victory in 2010, largely because she stood up to his White House to defend a law that Arizonans overwhelmingly support.  Popularity has been scarce for our president over the last few years, so this could be a manifestation of job approval envy.

BTW, I think the president is the result of a liberal education, a liberal upbringing and woosification of men in our society. He is a product of the liberal establishment and what they want to do with our children as well. Instead of being raised to be a man of honor and dignity and character, he is bully. He attacked Gov. Jan Brewer, a woman, on something she wrote in her book, not something that was addressed in her letter to him before hand, showing that he is a little, cowardly man. When the fight got too tough, he ran and hid behind his handlers, just like bullies do when they are confronted.

Brewer should be given some sort of award for standing up to BOTUS (play on POTUS, President of the United States). She has shown more character and class that BOTUS clearly lacks. Kudos to her.