The topic of race has been in the news quite a bit lately, and it’s all coming from the Left as they try to use the race card once again to advance their agenda. What is so sad is that the race baiters are getting a pass about being the ultimate racists. The NAACP is the biggest bunch of racists around. They are using race as their means to advance a political agenda and discriminate against those of color who do not follow in lock step with them

This makes them even bigger sinners than those who are simply racist. Not that being a racists is good. It is not. We all must admit that we are racists in order to advance past this sin. But to deny that we are guilty of the sin at all, is even the bigger sin.

1 John 1:8 If we say that we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us.

This is what the left does on a regular basis and why I find so much of this debate repulsive on every level. The Left would have us believe that since they know what racism is, and can pull out the race card at the drop of a hat, that they are not racists. They are racist of the worst kind because they refuse to ever acknowledge their own sin. As a result, we are seeing that the truth is not in them at all.

The Left, Democrats, and the NAACP who do these things need to be soundly rebuked. To call the Tea Party racists, to call those of us who disagree with Obama’s socialist policies racist, to even suggest that we are racists simply because we believe leftist policies are wrong for the country, is sick.

There is no reason whatsoever to bring racism to the debate of public policy, especially in light of the fact that the left accuses the Tea Party of being such, but has no evidence at all. The one instance of a man being racists at a Tea Party actually showed the Tea Partiers forcing the man to leave because HE WAS a racist. Mark even has a post showing all those blacks attending the Tea Parties, and none of them are run off or met with derogatory names. However the Left has plenty of names for those blacks who attend Tea Parties. Again, who are the ultimate racists? It’s always those on the Left. Their actions make me sick.

The sad reality is that Obama could have had a profound effect on the entire debate. Alas, being on the Left, he has chosen to use the race card as well, as Victor Hansen Davis points out:

His two-decade apprenticeship at Trinity Church under the racist and anti-Semitic Rev. Jeremiah Wright has never been adequately explained. Obama indulged in racial stereotyping himself when he wrote off the white lower-middle class of Pennsylvania as clueless zealots clinging to their guns, religion and xenophobia.

Obama also characterized his grandmother as a “typical white person” when he implied that her supposed fear of young black males symbolizes the prejudices of the entire white community. Michelle Obama did not help things when, in clumsy fashion, she indicted America as “just downright mean”– a nation she had not been proud of in her adult life until it embraced the hope and change represented by her husband’s candidacy.

Such campaign trash talk did not stop during the first 18 months of the Obama presidency. The race-baiting Van Jones — the short-lived presidential advisor on “green jobs” — should never have been appointed. Then, the president himself criticized Cambridge, Mass., police for acting “stupidly” when they arrested his friend, Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates.

Then there was the outburst of Attorney General Eric Holder, who blasted America as “a nation of cowards” for not talking more about race on his terms. Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor was almost obsessive in self-referencing herself as a “Latina.” She also suggested that her racial background and experiences made her “wise” in a way white male colleagues could never be.

Obama’s reputation as a racial healer was largely the creation of the media. In fact, Obama had a number of racially polarizing incidents that probably would have disqualified any other presidential candidate of the past 30 years.

I wish we would get off this topic. Yes, I know racism exists… see my above remarks. But as long as the Left keeps using this topic as a tool for the advancement of their pathetic agenda, the real issue of racism will never be addressed and dealt with. That is because the Left doesn’t want that. They know their policies fail in the arena of ideas. So keeping us focused on some false claims actually does advance their agenda, and sets racial reconciliation back years. Who are the real racists?

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