Obama is being protested by thousands of Muslims in Indonesia before his upcoming visit to the Islamic country. But wait, this wasn’t supposed to happen. We thought the world only hated us because of Bush, right? This is at least what the left tried to get us to believe while Bush was in office. The world hated us because of Bush. Read the article here.
No, the world hates us because we are Americans, in one of the best countries in the world, a country that thousands of people flock to every day because of the wonderful opportunities we have here, including our medical system.
I wish the left would be honest with themselves and admit that America really is a great country. Yes, we have our problems, many that are brought on by the left, like abortion and the high-cost of medical insurance. In fact, the more the left has control of things, the more life costs just to live. It would be great if the quality of life would improve with these costs. But it does not. In fact, there is just more wasteful spending. Did you see the story of 2 IRS agents that went to a car wash in California to collect 4 cents? Both those agents should be fired immediately for wasting the tax payers dollars. How much did it cost them to collect the 4 cents? Just postage alone, makes it not worth it.
Don’t forget the sad state of affairs in cities and states run by Democrats. Look at the mess California is currently in. The fiscal problems brought on there is a direct result of Liberals running that country. And they want to do the same for the entire country. No thanks. The country is much better off with a capitalist system. Yes, I know there are abuses in the capitalist system. But  a lot of people can earn an honest living in the capitalist system that we have. The more the government gets involved, the more waste and corruption that follows. 
I think we should all join those in Jakarta and protest Obama as well. He is not good for Indonesia, and certainly not good for America.
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